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“Uses a documentary style… to retell events, giving a voice to the rebels in the process.”—Irish Times

In October 1970, as revolution spread around the world, the Front de Libération du Québec kidnapped James Cross, the British Trade Commissioner. As negotiations to free the hostage continued, Québec’s Vice-Premier was kidnapped and murdered. Brian Moore’s documentary novel recreates these events and asks: who were these young revolutionaries, what were their beliefs?

“Everything is here: the players, the issues, the time and place… Moore used his novelist’s gifts and his keen eye for tragedy to make sense of something that seemed… an impossible nightmare.”—The Globe and Mail

Brian Moore was in Montreal to investigate these events as they happened, interviewing those involved (from activists to politicians and police) and exploring the social and political background. In understanding the frustrations and radicalism of a group of Québec separatists, he finds parallels with his own past: “I found them to be young, ex-Catholic, nationalist… It was a mixture I had known back in Ireland.”

Brian Moore uses the techniques of fiction to provide insight into a new world, “in the theatre of confrontation, the curtain was going up.”

The Revolution Script